About Our GCC Chapter

Statement of Purpose

The goal of Purdue University Global China Connection (PurdueGCC) is the encouragement of social, cultural, business, and philanthropic exchange between China and the Purdue undergraduate community. This will be achieved through the development of working relationships with university groups in China, the creation of interactive events bringing together the greater Purdue and West Lafayette community, and the promotion of greater collaboration between the many Asian and leadership oriented interests on campus. PurdueGCC aims to: (1) cultivate friendships between Purdue, China, and the international community by creating a global network of future leaders, (2) promote greater understanding of China on campus through collaborative programs with the extensive network of graduate schools, research centers, and alumni and student organizations of the Purdue community, and (3) provide access to Purdue’s undergraduate community to advertise directly through the greater GCC network extending over 50 universities.

About Global China Connection

Harvard College Global China Connection is a chapter of Global China Connection (GCC), the world’s leading student organization dedicated to providing the future leaders of China and the international community with a platform to engage each other. A non-profit, non-partisan organization, GCC is represented in over 50 chapters at top universities around the world.  We work directly with top Chinese universities as well as a number of corporate and organizational partners on a variety of projects to provide opportunities for our members to gain international experience and develop an international network.

For more information on Global China Connection, please visit our central website atwww.gccglobal.org


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